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Postman Pets




We like to call our spray cans 'a labour of love'  - it takes us a long time to make each one and they are very reasonably priced. We usually make a batch about twice a year and only 2 - 4 of each one, so they are quite rare (not to mention full of love).

To make our Postman Can Artworks,  we ‘upcycle’ empty cans collected during working on various projects, some of them come from artist friends. 

Note - These are for display only! We empty out the remaining paint before we work our magic.

Watch this video to see them coming to life !!


Kurt Cobain (Can) £45.00 GBP
Leia (Can) £45.00 GBP
Leia (Stamp Can) £45.00 GBP
Matilda (Can) £45.00 GBP
Mozart (Can) £45.00 GBP
Mr T (Stamp Can) £45.00 GBP
Nile Rodgers (Can) £45.00 GBP
Noel (Stamp Can) £45.00 GBP
Paul Weller (Can) £45.00 GBP
Prince (Stamp Can) £45.00 GBP
Quadrophenia (Can) £45.00 GBP
Queen (Stamp Can) £45.00 GBP
RBG (Stamp Can) £45.00 GBP
Sid Vicious (Can) £45.00 GBP
Snoop (Stamp Can) £45.00 GBP
Super Hans (Can) £45.00 GBP
Wednesday (Can) £45.00 GBP
White Rabbit (Can) £45.00 GBP