Marilyn (Stamp Can)

Marilyn Monroe is often regarded as an icon for her beauty, but that's not what sparked our interest; it's the complexity of her life that caught our attention. From a challenging childhood marked by instability to her career in Hollywood, she grappled with objectification and constant public scrutiny. Substance abuse and unfulfilled ambitions led to her tragic passing at the age of 36. She certainly left a legacy, but it goes beyond the glitz and glamour she is often associated with.


Our handmade spray cans are somewhat of a passion project, we only make a ‘batch’ once or twice a year and only tend to make one or two of each. 

We usually announce this through our mailouts and you have the option to pre-order your favourite artwork to avoid missing out. 

These artworks are created by recycling spray cans we used for creating our murals and original studio artworks.

In the creation of these we follow a multi-step process, first depressurizing and draining the remaining paint from our empty cans, followed by hand-spraying them and finally adding a top-notch vinyl to showcase the artwork.

Each can comes with a POSTMAN signature sticker on the back.

Our spray cans can be showcased, bringing a touch of urban coolness to your space.

FYI - our spray can artworks are only available for purchase within the UK due to customs constraints.


  • Handmade from recycled spray cans 
  • High quality vinyl artwork
  • Postman signature sticker on the back
  • For display purposes only
  • UK shipping only