About us


The Postman was born in Brighton in 2018, when two people met by chance and shared a mutual love for street art. The two have since become best friends and set off on many adventures together.

Both founding members are rather private individuals and therefore operate as an anonymous collective with an ever growing circle of friends helping out. A family called The Postman Collective.

The work is inspired by their passion for photography and iconic imagery.  A love for music and pop culture manifests itself in their artworks. The Postman’s unique style also takes influence from their roots in graffiti culture.

Many of their artworks live exclusively on the streets and are never available to purchase. They describe it as ‘impermanent art’ fading in time. This creates a buzz to find and seek before it disappears. Their style of street art aims to entertain and cheer up the public. It’s positive and inclusive nature allows people from varying communities to see themselves represented and heard. 

“In our daily lives we unwillingly get bombarded with adverts. It’s hard to escape from it. We want to spread love on the streets by giving free art to people to enjoy. Art that doesn’t discriminate. Art that surprises you in places where you least expect it. Art that is colourful and celebrates our heroes past and present and shows them in new light.” 

The postman primarily work as pasteup artists, but have since expanded their repertoire to murals with elements of spray paint,  stencils and collage. 

The group believes that team work is key. Combined efforts lead to greater results. This ideology has led to The Postman collaborating with many great artists.  From some of the world’s best photographers, including David La Chapelle and Dave Hogan, to rock stars such as Dave Navarro and also environmentalists such as Chris Packham and Caroline Lucas.  

“We constantly seek to collaborate with artists and photographers. It allows us to expand our collective, expand and our knowledge, while making friends along the way.” 

Since gaining popularity, the collective devotes a large proportion of its time working on passion projects, involving charities close to their hearts, such as NACOA, Leave NO Trace, and Brighton Pride. 

In only a short amount of time, The Postman has also been fortunate enough to work with a number of amazing artists in the community - this makes for an exciting future ahead. 

If you would like to collaborate with The Postman, please get in touch.