Kurt Cobain, the iconic frontman of Nirvana, remains one of our childhood heroes. His impactful lyrics always resonated. Tragically joining the infamous "Club 27," his life and legacy remain. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Nirvana's groundbreaking album "Nevermind".

We utilised an image by our friend and renowned rock 'n' roll photographer Martyn Goodacre to craft an artwork that pays homage to Cobain's enduring influence on the music world. The artwork has been seen in form of streetart all over the world.


This original artwork undergoes meticulous handcrafted techniques, featuring a mixed media process that includes spray paint, stencil, paste-up, and UV varnish applications. Each piece is framed uniquely, with hand embellishments adding to its individuality and artistic expression.

Originalartwork on wood canvas
Hand Sprayed Custom Frame
Size- 50x40cm
Edition 1/1
Certificate of Authenticity (COA) supplied

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