Dolly - URBAN REBELS - Box Frame

Dolly Parton, with her timeless hits and strong feminist stance, has always been an inspiration to us. Beyond her musical genius, she champions women's rights through philanthropy, standing as a symbol of resilience and female empowerment. She remains one of the early inspirations for POSTMAN art.

A brand new unpublished artwork of Dolly Parton rocking a leather jacket. This should be rocking your wall 9-5 - excuse the pun.

This is a completely unique, handmade mixed media piece consisting of a giclee pasteup, on a stencilled and spray painted wooden canvas and has a protective UV varnish coating to ensure lasting colour intensity.

It sits inside a handmade hardwood box frame with sprayed edges both on the frame and the board inside it allowing for a floating, layered effect. 

Pasteup on Wooden Canvas
Stencil Spraypaint Background
Hand Sprayed Box Frame
UV Varnished
Size - 65x50 cm
Edition 1/1
Certificate of Authenticity
(COA) Supplied

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