Tony Wilson Tribute Manchester Aug 2022

Tony Wilson Tribute Manchester for Withington Walls and an image by Kevin Cummins

Manchester Evening News: 

A striking mural depicting Factory Records founder Tony Wilson has appeared in south Manchester.

The artwork has been painted on the side of the Mensroom Barbershop, in Withington village.

The colourful piece is based on a photograph of the broadcaster and music mogul which was taken by rock photographer Kevin Cummins.

It’s the latest instalment for Withington Walls - a crowdfunded community project that aims to reinvigorate the area with street art across the shutters and walls in the village.

Street artists, The Postman - who donned masks to hide their true identities - were in the village at 6am with spray cans and art equipment.

They spent around three hours gluing the images and painting the wall of the shop - which sits at the junction of Palatine Road and Wilmslow Road.

The Brighton collective first became aware of the Withington Walls project after seeing the Marcus Rashford mural.

They say they have always been fans of Tony Wilson and Factory Records’ music and were keen to create a suitable tribute to the late music mogul.

They found an image of Wilson, by the rock photographer Kevin Cummins, and got his permission to use it.

The three bold images of Wilson were created in a studio and pasted to the walls, before being finessed with spray paint.

“We are super excited to celebrate one of our personal heroes of the music industry - Tony Wilson,” The Postman said.

“The placement of the mural in Tony’s former hometown of Withington makes it even more of an honour.

“In our daily lives we are unwillingly bombarded with adverts that are hard to escape.

“We want to spread love on the streets by creating free art for people to enjoy.

“Art that doesn’t discriminate. Art that surprises you in places where you least expect it. Art that is colourful, that celebrates our heroes past and present and shows them in a new light.”

Ed Wellard, from Withington Walls, thought the local barbershop - which sits on the same street as the former Hacienda offices - would be the perfect spot for the new artwork.

He said: “Withington Walls are very excited about iconic photographer Kevin Cummings' shot of cultural catalyst Tony Wilson, outside the original Factory Records offices at 86 Palatine Road, being given the famous The Postman treatment down the road at the Mensroom Barbers.”