Time to Re-Connect - Jun 2024


Bee Mural The Postman


We are “buzzing” to show you the first mural in our new series “The Postman - Wild”.

Alongside our usual celebrations of iconic figures, we are undertaking a new and exciting set of artworks. It’s time to RECONNECT: to reconnect with nature, to reconnect with community and to reconnect with each other.

With mental health becoming a growing concern in our cities, it’s a known fact that reconnecting with the natural world has a hugely positive impact. Let’s look around and ask ourselves what we can do to make the world a better place and spread some joy whilst doing it.


Bee mural Making off The Postman 


Thanks to the amazing THE HUMANKIND COMMUNITY for working with us and donating such a mega wall in Kemptown. Go check out their incredible yoga studio and community hub.


This is one of the largest walls we have undertaken and needs to been seen in real life!


NOTE - If you know someone who has a wall and would like to help us continue this project, please get in touch.


Restore Nature Demo London


We have been marching in London for RESTORE NATURE NOW organised by one of our hero’s and previous Postman Icons Chris Packham


The turn out was truly mind blowing and proves just how critical the situation really is. Thanks for all the people that came up and chatted to us.