Sussex Homeless Support Charity Mar 2022

Trailer for Sussex Homeless Support in Collaboration with the Levellers band


Sussex Homeless Charity Project with The Levellers 

We are super proud to be part of this project in bringing colourful artwork of our friends the Levellers to Sussex Homeless Charities new trailer. 

Read what Brighton Journal had to say

Brighton artist The Postman is working with the Levellers band on a collaboration in support of the Sussex Homeless Support charity to highlight and help the plight of the homeless in the local area. The artists have decorated a soup kitchen trailer with a design incorporating the band image in support of this worthy local cause.

“I was first introduced to The Postman’s work cycling around Brighton doing my shopping during lockdown. Rock ‘n’ roll eh? Every day I’d pass larger than life versions of Freddie Mercury + Debbie Harry on the street + I must confess I thought wow, it’d be great if the Levs were up there too! But I never thought it’d actually happen….Cut to a few months later – I’ve started on Instagram + struck up an artistic friendship with The Postman. So, when they said they’d like to do the Levs I was overjoyed – + v flattered too! Cut to another few months later a huge mural has appeared of us in The Postman’s iconic style. We all love it!” JEREMY CUNNINGHAM – THE LEVELLERS

“The nature of what we started out with is street art and having had many conversations with the homeless community over the years, we have often been told that our pieces help brighten up their day. We care dearly about our hometown Brighton & Hove and recognise that the homeless are in need of all the support that’s available to them. Having been fans of the Levellers for 20+ years, we’ve recently struck up a friendship and did an artwork of the band, based on a 90s image taken by legendary music photographer Martyn Goodacre. Being given the opportunity to design the trailer of the Levellers charity of choice – Sussex Homeless Support – is a huge honour for us, and we hope that it will help to spread joy and positivity.” THE POSTMAN

“My wife Jill, first introduced me to Jim of Sussex homeless support (SHS) in 2017 whilst volunteering with SHS, supporting the homeless community here in Brighton. Over the years, the Levellers have raised several thousands of pounds from our very generous fans. We once did a sponsored sleep out for the big sleep out, between me and Matt (keyboard player) we raised 5 grand. On our last tour we had in each of our gigs a stall set up by the local homeless support group for the fans to donate the sort of things people need on our streets up and down the country. Let’s face it, it’s not going to get any better soon. When Jim asked me if he could have an image of the band on the side of their latest street kitchen, I suggested we get The Postman involved, then it all just came together.” CHARLIE HEATHER – THE LEVELLERS

“We currently support over a thousand Homeless, Rough Sleepers and those in poverty a month. We provide a mixture of practical support from Legal Advice right through to hot food, clothing, toiletries, sanitary items and household items. With a pool of 200 volunteers, we can step up where we are needed most. Unfunded by the government, we have relied completely on public support. For almost five years “The Levellers” have been both funders and volunteers. Their fundraising has kept us going and having them stand on the frontline with us with sleeves rolled shows just how much they really care. Our latest buy has been a second-hand Burger Trailer which we are now converting to be our food station and it will allow us to supply hot food safely and in volume, As well as having the normal food offering it will carry medical support and even a defibrillator (four of us have just completed training). The trailer will be our one stop humanitarian aid. Having the Levellers’ portrait and artwork by The Postman on the food station will make it stand out from the crowd and just seems fitting, we are excited by this new step forward but more important is how it will play a part in our mission to solving the Homeless Crisis in Brighton one at a time. JIM DEANS FOUNDER SUSSEX HOMELESS SUPPORT CIO

For more information please contact Impressive PR: Helen O’Brien 07890 903491