Steve Norman - Print Pre-Order

Steve Norman - Print Release

It's not everyday that you get to work with a legend like Steve Norman from Spandau Ballet

We are proud to announce that our artwork of Steve is now available HERE

A few words from Steve

The addition of joy and laughter is the best icebreaker in getting to know someone in a creative environment, at least from my point of view. ‘The Postman' is solid proof of that.

I haven't had as much fun with paints since I was at school in the 70s designing and screen printing t-shirts for my newly formed band...

I can't tell you how excited I am about this collaboration with 'The Postman', although I still feel that they must have surely mistaken me for someone else. It seems very strange to see myself turned into an art piece and I still can't help blushing as I shuffle nervously past the artwork of me with purple hair on the Brighton Promenade...near Hove Plinth.

We have decided to not only display the piece by the seafront but also to make it available for purchase.

These are unique, limited, and high-quality prints. They come in various editions, all signed by both 'The Postman' and me. Some are individually hand-finished by myself. The gold edition will come with video provenance, i.e. video proof of me hand finishing your individual print in the studio. It is important to me to point out that this is not just regular merchandise.
This is the creative fallout of two art worlds colliding and I’m so enjoying watching the sparks fly.

Remember, when your artwork gets delivered, The Postman always rings twice ;)

Love, Steve x