NACOA Campaign - Bristol - August 2020

We have got some exciting things planned for the coming weeks. Next up is a project very dear to our hearts. We have joined forces with the charity NACOA - The National Association for Children of Alcoholics. In partnership with two of their patrons, Elle Macpherson and Calum Best, we are heading to Bristol to begin a campaign of raising awareness for the 2.6 million children and young people in the UK living in households with alcohol misuse.  Since the lockdown, calls to the charity doubled in the first few weeks of lockdown.  Sadly there are many more children and young people who have never spoken out about the alcohol misuse in their homes.  We hope that through seeing our work these children will realise they are not alone, and Nacoa are there to listen and provide support.  Our friends, the Broken Hartist, have supported us with words to accompany the designs. 
Thanks to Elle for being part of this initiative to raise awareness and provide help and support to children of alcoholics.