Art Mural for Noel Gallagher

Art Mural for Noel Gallagher in North London

We nearly dropped our spray cans last year when Noel Gallagher personally emailed us saying he loves our artwork "proper punk rock" and especially the artwork we made of him.

He later gave us a shoutout on the famous ROCKONTEURS podcast hosted by Gary Kemp (Spandau Ballet) and Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd) and said he wants to work with us on something. Boom!

Fast forward a year and a half and there we are installing a massive mural on the outside of his North London Studio that even The Sun newspaper is interested in :)


Noel Gallagher Art Mural

Noel Gallagher Art Mural

It was great to see his selection of heroes - Bob Dylan, Andy Weatherall, John Lennon, David Bowie, Johnny Rotten and Tony Wilson. 

We’d love to thank Dave Hogan for our ongoing collaboration and for documenting the install process.

A big thank you also to rock photographers Kevin Cummins (Tony Wilson) and Nick Pickles (Andy W.) for collabing with us. 

Hats off Mr G.! Lets work on something cool soon x

Noel Gallagher Art Mural


It was also great to meet Noel's daughter Anais who documented the installation process.

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