Lemmy Mural at Salvation Music Studio - Brighton - Jun 2023

Brighton is now home to the exceptional recording studio, Salvation, and we had the honour of leaving our mark within its walls. Our latest creation pays homage to the legendary Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead.

This project has been a labor of love, and we collaborated closely with our dear friend and talented photographer, Mick Hutson. Tragically, Mick passed away before he could witness the completion of the mural.

In heartfelt tribute, we dedicate this piece to the memory of Mick Hutson. His absence is deeply felt, and we cherish the memories of the wonderful times we shared together. Mick, we miss you dearly.

As Lemmy's iconic figure takes form on the walls of Salvation, may it serve as a lasting testament to the indomitable spirit of rock and roll, and as a reminder of the creative bond we shared with Mick. May his legacy live on through his incredible work and the joy it brings to all who behold it.

Here is a video of the MAKING OFF

Much Love