Havana - Cuba - Feb 2020

Havanna, Cuba 

A short holiday in the Caribbean quickly turned into a full on art trip. It was fantastic.

It all started out with us having dinner at O'Reilly 304 - a pretty cool eatery and bar in the old historic part of Havana (the tacos were delicious by the way). We asked the owners if they would be interested in a small, gifted Postman piece right by the main entrance of the venue. We were overwhelmed by their genuine joy and wonder for our artwork. Then they introduced us to three further 'family members' and bar owners and we ended up going all out in several bars/restaurants having been granted full artistic freedom. We are grateful for the generosity and warmth we received from the bar owners and local passers-by.  If you ever make it to this beautiful city, be sure to check out these places: O'Reilly 304, El Del Frente, Jama, and Jesus Maria 20. The latter is involved in a recent mural project called San Isidro and the Jesus Maria 20 restaurant is in the heart of this up and coming arts district, where a lot of top muralists have blessed the streets with their work. We are looking forward to our next visit where we are planning to put up a big street mural.