Global Pasting Network

We've recently embarked on a mission to form a 'Global Pasting Network'. Due to the pandemic, we haven't been able to travel much outside of the UK in the past year. Prior to COVID, our work could be seen all over the world. Sadly, the nature of street art is impermanent and our works were slowly fading from the urban canvases we used to frequent regularly. We dreamt of getting back to where we were.

Thanks to our loyal friends around the globe, we have now found teams in various cities that will spread our art for us. These teams include a number of fellow artists and street art photographers we love and admire. The cities we have covered so far include, Berlin, Barcelona, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Manchester, Miami, New York, Paris and soon even Melbourne. Get in touch if you want to be part of our network. 

To honour our helpers, we will be introducing one team per mail-out. First up are our friends in New York - Captain Eyeliner and Billy Barnacles. Both always showed up when we visited NY and helped us with our escapades. They are also incredibles artists worth checking out! 

Billy Barnacles is a 3D street artist that is always looking for ways to expand street art into different spheres.  His work is often so well hidden that we recommend referring to the map he provides to find them.

Captain Eyeliner is a fellow pasteup street artist whose brightly coloured critters and political messages can be found all over NY and further afield. Sassy and with a lot of pop. Be sure to check out their profile!
1) Billy Barnacles, 2) Captain Eyeliner, 3) some pieces that recently went up in NY - Basquiat is a collab with our friend Sinclair The Vandal