GAK Mural Brighton Jan 23

2023 Postman Mural at GAK

Hey Post Peeps, 

Our year's off to a good start. We saw a break in the clouds and took the opportunity to update our mural at Brighton's Guitar Amp & Keyboard store (GAK)

This year's lineup of icons is super special with new artworks of Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix.

Photographer Mark Mawston took the image of Amy, which is also available as an exclusive print at Rock Archive

Our Hendrix artwork is based on an image by Donald Silverstein (R.I.P.). It's one of the two most iconic images of Jimi and getting an art license for an image like that is very rare. All thanks go to Matt Humphreys who is working with Donald Silverstein's family to create a huge NFT project. More to come later this year.

The mural also includes artworks of our all-time favourites Bowie and Prince (image credit - Dave 'Hogie' Hogan), Bob Marley, Debbie Harry and Kate Bush (image credit - Adrian Boot) and Kurt Cobain (image credit - Martyn Goodacre). 

The wall at GAK is our longest standing spot in Brighton. It's also our biggest mural to date, especially this year's as we took over the whole wall.

Working alongside us we've had our friend BROKEN-HARTIST adding awesome playing cards with legendary quotes to each musician. Look closer! ...and be sure to check out her work, she rocks! 

Get down there while it's looking fresh! ...and send us your pictures or tag us on your socials X

THE POST - AMY WINEHOUSE - credit to Mark Mawston

AMY WINEHOUSE (Image Credit - Mark Mawston)

THE POSTMAN - JIMI HENDRIX (image credit - Donald Silverstein)

JIMI HENDRIX (Image Credit - Donald Silverstein)

THE POSTMAN - KATE BUSH (Image Credit - Adrian Boot)

KATE BUSH (Image Credit - Adrian Boot)

THE POSTMAN - BOB MARLEY (Image credit - Adrian Boot)

BOB MARLEY (Image Credit - Adrian Boot)

THE POSTMAN -  KURT COBAIN ( Image Credit - Martyn Goodacre) & DEBBIE HARRY (Adrian Boot)

KURT COBAIN ( Image Credit - Martyn Goodacre) & DEBBIE HARRY (Adrian Boot)

THE POSTMAN - DAVID BOWIE (Image Credit - Dave Hogan) 

DAVID BOWIE (Image Credit - Dave Hogan) 

 THE POSTMAN - JIM MORISSON (Image Credit - Joel Brodsky)

JIM MORISSON (Image Credit - Joel Brodsky)



THE POSTMAN - PRINCE (Image Credit - Dave Hogan)

PRINCE (Image Credit - Dave Hogan)