Future Walls - Sunderland - JUL 2023



We recently visited Sunderland to join forces with Art of Protest Projects and launch FUTURE WALLS, an exciting new street art project in Sunniside supported by Sunderland Bid. We had three main task - to create an interactive street art trail featuring 24 hidden classic movie on small hidden spray cans, to showcase six street art pieces representing musicians with connections to Sunderland's history and memorable performances at the Stadium of Light, and to paint a giant mural inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

FUTURE WALLS - Sunderland

The spray can trail in Sunniside was specifically designed to encourage people of all ages to take a stroll through the area and embark on a quest to discover all 24 movie characters hidden within the street art. Our aim is to inspire both the young and the old, igniting a sense of adventure.

To make the experience even more engaging, Art of Protest Projects are creating an interactive map that will pinpoint the locations of all the hidden movie characters.



Our collection of street art pieces showcases an array of influential musicians, each with their own unique story. First, we pay tribute to the legendary Tina Turner, whose recent passing left a profound void in the music industry.

Next, we feature the incomparable Elton John, who recently delivered a mesmerising performance at Glastonbury, marking a momentous occasion in his illustrious career. Elton has also graced the stage at Sunderland's Stadium of Light, and we celebrate his artistry through a stunning collaboration with renowned photographer Dave Hogan.

Representing the spirit of the North, we feature Noel Gallagher, an iconic figure who, alongside his band Oasis, has enchanted audiences in Sunderland.

Continuing our journey, we introduce two brand new artworks: one dedicated to the vibrant artist PINK, crafted in collaboration with photographer Scott Schafer, and another honouring the incomparable Beyoncé, brought to life through the lens of Ray Burmiston.

Finally, we unveil the legendary Bob Marley. While previously showcased in our LA exhibition, this artwork makes its European debut, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in Marley's timeless spirit.


For the mural we employed artificial intelligence (AI) to assist in generating artwork of the iconic characters - the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, and the White Rabbit. By incorporating AI, we aim to initiate discussions about its practical applications as well as the ethical considerations associated with this emerging technology. More about this coming soon.

We hope that some of you will get a chance to visit Sunniside and witness the artwork firsthand.

Enjoy the experience!