Framing Advice

How to frame your prints 

We often get asked about how our prints should be framed - the answer, of course is: you can frame one of our prints however you like! Having said that though... we do have our preferences we'll share with you here...

In our humble opinion, top mounts are a thing of the past, extra wide ones especially are unnecessary. Thats why we add white borders to our prints.

We can recommend two options, an economy one and a fancy one.

Economy - The majority of our prints are made in A-sizes (A3, A2, A1...) - you can get ready-made frames for those. The criteria to look out for is real glass (not clear perspex) and a nice boxy shape. 

Fancy - Get your framer to dry mount the print on a spacer so it floats in a chunky box frame - a bit like an artefact. Add a skinny black mount underneath to highlight the floating gap. Have the framer put in another spacer so the glass doesn't touch the print - better to preserve our hand finishing. There is such a thing as a UV protective/ non- glare Art Glass option, if you want to go all the way. 

Colour - for us only Black or White - but again, it's down to your taste. 

The Postman Art Framing Advice

For ready-made frames we can recommend the Nielsen Apollo White or Black. The most reliable stockist is Best4Frames. These are reasonably priced, have real glass and nice chunky solid wood. You can even mount the print yourself - done. The one downside, the glass sits directly on the print - but that's not the end of the world. 

For fancy frames in Brighton and Hove area we recommend Thomas Rainsford and Frame of Mind. We've worked with both for years now and if you say we sent you you'll not only get a discount, they'll also know exactly what to do. 

Please note - we are NOT on commission for any of the sources we recommended. 

We hope this helps! 

Framing Advice