Derrick "The Perv" Furnival - Oct 2021

Derrick 'The Perv' Furnival

After the sad passing of Brighton legend, Derrick Furnival - we are raising money to erect a permanent mural / tribute to him by the Brighton art collective 'The Postman'.
Tim Jeffery shares memories of his friendship with Derrick below - it will strike a chord with everyone who knew him.
"Anyone in Brighton whose life involved clubbing or gigging for the past 40 years will have met Derrick, Del Boy, The Perv or whatever his in vogue nickname was at the time.
You couldn’t miss him. Whether he was in punk regalia, topless with nipple piercings and chains, full Luftwaffe light blue uniform or since the 90s in one of his trademark cowboy hats, he was a force of nature.
His outward appearance may have seemed shocking or intimidating but Derrick was anything but. Affable, mischievous, great fun to be with, always laughing, you could not fail to warm to him. A party animal, yes, but in the many nocturnal adventures we shared he rescued me many times from messy situations even though he was in no better a state himself. There was no part of the live music scene he didn’t have an impact in, whether it be lead singer of Betrayed to tour manager extraordinaire, festival stage manager and a perennial guest list organiser.
His professional and private life generated endless tales which could have filled several volumes, it’s tragic that we’ll never get to hear Derrick regale them again.
Derrick touched the lives of many thousands of people. He was the most loyal and reliable friend you could possibly have, a true gent, kind and with a big heart.
I’ve seen him reunite with friends not seen for decades and pick up where they left off like it was only yesterday, a measure of how loved he was by everyone who came across his path. He was part of the fabric of Brighton, he leaves a hole in so many people’s lives as well as the city itself, it will never be the same without him.
It’s heart-breaking that he’s gone. I still cannot believe that I will not see his cheeky grin and cowboy hat again". Tim Jeffery
Derrick’s family have approved this image and all money left over after installation will be donated to a charity of their choice.