Dave Navarro - Los Angeles - 2019

Meeting Dave Navarro, the brilliant guitarist (Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Jane's Addiction) and judge on the US show INK MASTER gave us a lot of confidence. Having our work appreciated by someone we look up to was an amazing experience.

We were super excited to make an artwork of the man himself

The Postman Art - Dave Navarro - LA

When we next met Dave, we gave him a skateboard we had made for him to add to his amazing art collection. 

The Postman Art - Dave Navarro
Dave is also a street artist and goes under the handle -  
Life After Death Street . We soon made plans to collab on a mural in LA

Group shot (from left) - Collette Miller, Joe, Megzani, Dave Navarro, Stephen Levey, **** and Trusty Scribe