DAVE NAVARRO - Installation - Los Angeles Jan 2023

Dave Navarro - The Postman Art

In January 2023, we were honoured to contribute an art installation to Dave Navarro's esteemed collection at his Hollywood mansion. Navarro, known for his musical talent and as the host of Ink Master, is also an ardent art enthusiast. As we entered his mansion, we were greeted by an extraordinary display of artwork, featuring renowned artists like Warhol, Haring, and Basquiat.


Drawing inspiration from LA's vibrant street art scene, we crafted an installation on one of his bedroom’s doors.


Upon completing the installation, we were filled with a sense of pride and humility as we observed its seamless integration with the existing masterpieces. It was a truly remarkable experience to have our work showcased alongside the art world's legends.


Contributing to Navarro's collection allowed us to connect with a celebrated musician and artist, providing a platform to share our creativity with a wider audience. His chosen subject for the artwork was actress Brittany Murphy, adding a unique and personal touch to the installation.

You can watch a video of our process HERE

Dave Navarro - The Postman Art