BOB MARLEY - One Love Experience - Los Angeles - Jan 2023



In January 2023, we had the incredible honour of being invited by Cedella Marley to contribute two new murals for the 3rd instalment of the travelling Bob Marley - One Love Experience, held at Ovation Hollywood. This marked our second collaboration with the Bob Marley foundation, following our first mural created in January 2022 at London's renowned Saatchi Gallery. The original mural had been transported from London to LA, making a brief stop in Toronto for the exhibition's second instalment.

 BOB MARLEY  - One Love Experience - Los Angeles - Jan 2023

The entire journey to Los Angeles was an absolute blast, and it stands as one of the most memorable experiences in our career thus far. Being able to contribute to the Bob Marley - One Love Experience was a true honour and an opportunity we will forever cherish. The vibrant and inspiring atmosphere, coupled with the celebration of Bob Marley's legacy, made the entire event truly special.


Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate the possibility of participating in the fourth instalment of the Bob Marley - One Love Experience. The opportunity to continue creating artwork that pays tribute to the iconic musician and promotes his messages of love, unity, and social justice would be a dream come true for us. We are grateful to Cedella Marley and the Bob Marley foundation for allowing us to be part of this incredible project and look forward to future collaborations.


You can watch process videos of our installation - VIDEO ONE - VIDEO TWO - VIDEO THREE


The Postman Art - Bob Marley One Love Experience - Ovation Hollywood Los Angeles


BOB MARLEY  - One Love Experience - Los Angeles - Jan 2023 (Saatchi)