ANDY WARHOL - Print Launch - Mar 22

ANDY WARHOL - Print Launch

We’ve been watching The Andy Warhol Diaries on Netflix and love it. Especially impressed with how Warhol threw himself into such an intense phase of painting portraits almost immediately after getting shot in 1968. He began calling himself “just an old fashioned portrait painter…” but with a big, bold idea of creating a Portrait of Society.

We really related to that because that’s what we’re trying to do in our own way. But where Warhol was working in a single location with a small team, we have the help of all of you, everywhere. By engaging with The Postman pieces out there in the world, taking photos and sharing them on instagram… together we’re taking part in Warhol’s ‘Grand Project’… and we think that’s pretty wonderful.

So here’s to Andy, one of our favourite cultural icons. And in the week that his portrait of Marilyn is set to become the most expensive 20th century art piece ever sold at auction, we have something special (and way, way more affordable) for you. Get it now while it’s enjoying its 15 minutes of fame!

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The original image of Andy was taken by Dave 'Hogie' Hogan in July 1985.

Our Andy Warhol print is part of our NEW Postman Stamp series that will continue through 2022 and eventually be turned into NFT's also.

Andy Warhol Pop Art Poster Print

Hand finishing Prints

We personally take the time to add fresh paint to your print before signing it - this makes each one unique. To see an example of how we do this watch below: