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Kate Bush - URBAN REBELS - Luminesco Frame

Who would have thought the iconic Kate Bush would storm the charts in 2022 after her song 'Running up that hill' was used in Stranger things. An artwork based on an image by Adrian Boot. A Postman favourite. 

This is a completely unique, handmade mixed media piece consisting of a giclee pasteup, on a stencilled and spray painted wooden canvas (Halo Board) and has a protective UV varnish coating to ensure lasting colour intensity.

Custom Illuminating Framed Postman Art
The artwork is mounted into a high end bespoke Luminesco illuminating frame - - The first ever front illuminating fine art frame with perfect light distribution.

The Luminesco frame fuses luxury art framing and art lighting into one and becomes a controllable atmospheric light source from your beautifully lit piece. It comes with a stylish remote dimming controller to change the brightness and room atmosphere for daytime, evening or entertaining. We can also customise and connect the frame to your existing home control system, POA. 

Switched fused 240V power is required for this framing. The specialist Luminesco team of installers, electricians and decorators can organise the installation, POA.

For this exhibition Luminesco are offering a free of charge design and installation survey to discuss location and curate the frame design, finish and lighting style.

The price quoted includes a high end spray lacquer finish in any colour, 5% or 15% sheen. It can also be produced in a variety of other finishes including artistic detailing or even gold and platinum leafing, POA.

The Luminesco illuminating frame is available for any of The Postman pieces above 50cm in length and up to 1.6m square, POA.

Hanging Mechanism
The frame is supplied with a heavy duty French Cleat bracket which enables the artwork to sit perfectly flush to the wall.

Due to the weight and dimensions of this artwork, collection is preferred. We are happy to provide a bespoke shipping quote if required.  

Pasteup on Wooden Halo Canvas
Stencil Spraypaint Background
UV Varnished
Framed Size 110 x 80 cm
Edition 1/1
Signed with COA