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Basquiat Warhol Haring - URBAN REBELS - Floating Spraycans

The big three! A major inspiration to The Postman. Need we say more?  

A completely new concept. These die cut spraycans have been created on a high end acrylic medium using the finest UV inks for lasting colour intensity. This is the first time The Postman's spraycan artworks have been available as wall mounted floats. 



The Spraycans are created from the highest quality matt acrylic and die cut to shape.

Each can is supplied with a heavy duty French Cleat bracket and a stencil that will help you line the pieces up perfectly.

Die Cut Matt Acrylic Floating Spraycans
UV Protected
Size 100 x 30 cm (per artwork) 
Edition 1/1
Signed with COA

SHIPPING - This set will ship from early October after our London show has finished. 


You can order other spraycan artworks in this style with any of your favourite icons in our collection. Turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. Please message us if you have any questions -