Andy Warhol (Print)

Andy Warhol's rebellious nature permeated his art, challenging conventional norms and embracing the avant-garde. Through his provocative works, he became a symbol of artistic defiance, pushing boundaries and reshaping the art world. Andy’s Pop Art style had a significant influence on us, and we are paying tribute with a depiction of him and his beloved Polaroid camera.


This limited edition print is produced on 350gsm premium silk paper, signed and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). 

We've incorporated a hand-embellished element with spray paint as an extra layer of artistry to make it entirely unique.


  • Paper - 350gsm premium silk
  • Size 42x30cm
  • Signed + Certificate of Authenticity (COA) 
  • Edition - 25
  • Hand Embellished with spray paint