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Our smallest original range

These come ready to hang 

Ideal as gifts and often used to create shapes or rows of 4, 9, 16...

Size XS - A5 - 15x21cm - 5.8x8.3 inches 

The artworks are pasteups on sprayed wooden boards with hand finishing and protective varnish

The signature is on the back

Edition 1/1

A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is provided with every piece

Bob Dylan (XS) £75.00 GBP
Boy George (XS) £75.00 GBP
David Bowie (XS) £75.00 GBP
Dorothy (XS) Sold Out
E.T. (XS) £75.00 GBP
Elton John (XS) £75.00 GBP
Han Solo (XS) £75.00 GBP
James Dean (XS) £75.00 GBP
John Lennon (XS) £75.00 GBP
Leia (XS) £75.00 GBP
Mary Poppins (XS) £75.00 GBP
Matilda (XS) £75.00 GBP
Mia Wallace (XS) £75.00 GBP
Mick Jagger (XS) £75.00 GBP
Mozart (XS) £75.00 GBP
Mr. T (XS) £75.00 GBP
Neo - Matrix (XS) £75.00 GBP
Prince (XS) £75.00 GBP
River Phoenix (XS) £75.00 GBP
Rocky (XS) £75.00 GBP
Stevie Wonder (XS) £75.00 GBP
Superman (XS) Sold Out
Trainspotting (XS) £75.00 GBP
Wednesday (XS) £75.00 GBP
Willy Wonka (XS) £75.00 GBP
Billie Eilish (XS) £75.00 GBP
Kylie (XS) £75.00 GBP
Sid Vicious (XS) £75.00 GBP
Frank the Cat (XS) £75.00 GBP
Nick Cave (XS) £75.00 GBP