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S Originals (Wood)

A selection of small original mixed media collages on wood. Ready to hang


Size S - A4 - 21x30cm - 8.3x11.7 inches 



Boy George (S) £135.00 GBP
Tina Turner (S) £135.00 GBP
Che Guevara (S) £135.00 GBP
Heidi Klum (S) £135.00 GBP
John Lennon (S) £135.00 GBP
Kurt Cobain (S) £135.00 GBP
Leo (S) £135.00 GBP
Marilyn Vandal (S) £135.00 GBP
Mary Poppins (S) £135.00 GBP
Matilda (S) £135.00 GBP
MLK (S) £135.00 GBP
Nile Rodgers (S) £135.00 GBP
Rihanna (S) £135.00 GBP
River Phoenix (S) £135.00 GBP
Madonna (S) £135.00 GBP
Elvis (S) £135.00 GBP
Freddie Mercury (S) £135.00 GBP
Mr T (S) £135.00 GBP
RBG (S) £135.00 GBP
Superman (S) £135.00 GBP
Debbie Harry (S) £145.00 GBP
Leia (S) £145.00 GBP