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Originals On Wood

This collection includes our most affordable originals on wood. Each one is a unique one off piece. We offer these in three sizes: 

XS  A5  15x21cm   6x8in

S    A4   21x30cm  8x12in

M    A3  30x42cm  11x16in

The artworks are pasteups on sprayed wooden boards with hand finishing and protective varnish. 

The signature is on the back, but can be signed on the front on request.

The art boards come with a hanging mechanism and are ready to be put up. 

A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is provided with every piece. 

Tina Turner (M) £235.00 GBP
Boy George (S) £135.00 GBP
Oasis (M) Pair £425.00 GBP
Wednesday (M) from £175.00 GBP
Freddie Mercury (S) £135.00 GBP
Beyonce (M) £245.00 GBP
Bob Marley (S) £135.00 GBP
Mozart (M) £195.00 GBP
Boy George (M) £245.00 GBP
Debbie Harry (M) £235.00 GBP
Rocky (M) £215.00 GBP
Bobby Gillespie (M) £215.00 GBP
Tina Turner (S) £135.00 GBP
David Bowie (M) £245.00 GBP
Matilda (M) £195.00 GBP
Bob Marley (M) £175.00 GBP
RBG (S) £135.00 GBP
Borat (M) £195.00 GBP
Mr T (S) £135.00 GBP
Superman (S) £135.00 GBP
RBG (M) £215.00 GBP
Mr T (M) £215.00 GBP
Florence Welch (M) £245.00 GBP
Superman (M) £215.00 GBP
Kate Moss (XS) £75.00 GBP
Leia (M) £175.00 GBP
Han Solo (M) £175.00 GBP
John Lennon (S) £135.00 GBP
Van Gogh (M) £175.00 GBP
Patrick Swayze (M) £175.00 GBP
Super Hans (XS) £75.00 GBP
Madonna (XS) £75.00 GBP
Trainspotting (S) £135.00 GBP
River Phoenix (S) £135.00 GBP
MLK (XS) £75.00 GBP
Che Guevara (S) £135.00 GBP
Kurt Cobain (S) £135.00 GBP
Naomi Campbell (M) £175.00 GBP
Madonna (M) £175.00 GBP
Rihanna (M) £175.00 GBP
Brittany Murphy (M) £175.00 GBP
Heidi Klum (S) £135.00 GBP