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Exclusive Original Artworks

Here are our most high-end artworks, the ones we are most proud of. They are made in a similar way to our smaller handmade pieces, using cradled wooden panels as canvases. The difference is their size and, well, exclusivity. These are all one offs and super rare. 

Each wood canvas gets hand sprayed and enhanced using a variety of methods including drips and stencils. We then apply a print in the form of a paste-up and repeat the spraying process. To guarantee lasting vibrancy of colours and extra protection we use only the finest varnishes. Lastly, we add fancy hand sprayed frames to complete the look. These artworks have a hanging mechanism on the back so you can hang them on your wall right away. 

You can commission us to make you an Exclusive Artwork in any size and of any person you wish. For enquiries please email:

Check out a video of us making an exclusive artwork !!

Albert Einstein (XXL) £1,245.00 GBP
Amy (Framed Acrylic) £750.00 GBP
Amy Winehouse (M) £385.00 GBP
Andy Warhol (L) £750.00 GBP
Billie Eilish (L) £750.00 GBP
David Bowie (L) £750.00 GBP
David Bowie (XL+) £1,445.00 GBP
Debbie Harry (XL) £1,445.00 GBP
Dorothy (S) Framed £255.00 GBP
Kurt Cobain (XL) £1,645.00 GBP
Logo Skateboard £195.00 GBP
Madonna (M) Framed £385.00 GBP
Marilyn (M) Framed £385.00 GBP
Marilyn Monroe (XL) £1,445.00 GBP
Matilda (XXL) £2,500.00 GBP
Mozart (L) £585.00 GBP
Nick Cave (XL) ++ £2,650.00 GBP
Prince (L) £745.00 GBP
Prince Regent (XL) ++ £2,650.00 GBP
Skateboard - Matilda £295.00 GBP