Ian Curtis (AP Print)

Ian Curtis and Joy Division hold a significant place in our top list of influential bands, especially with their unique Manchester sound. Ian's charismatic stage presence and tragic end left a profound impact. Crafting a fitting artwork took time, and we decided on a photographic composition featuring the famous sound waves and his signature record, 'Love Will Tear Us Apart.'


Our Artist Proof (AP) prints are extremely limited and typically produced to allow us to assess and perfect the print’s colour and design. 

Each print may vary slightly, adding to its uniqueness and perceived value.

This giclee print is signed and produced on Hahnemuehle Photorag 308gsm paper, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

We add a hand embellished element with spray paint as an extra layer of artistry to make it completely unique.


  • Giclee Print
  • Hahnemuehle Photorag 308gsm Paper
  • Size 42x30cm
  • Signed + Certificate of Authenticity (COA) 
  • Edition - Artist Proof (AP)
  • Hand Embellished with spray paint

Style: Hand Finished