In 2018, a crack commando artist collective was sent to prison by a copyright lawyer for a crime they didn’t commit. The collective promptly escaped from a maximum security dungeon to live in the Brighton underground. Today, still wanted by the police they survive as wheat paste artists of fortune, pasting up colour and love on the streets. If you want a commission, if no one else can help, and if you can find them….maybe you can hire The Postman.




We only offer a range of prints and our smaller original pieces in store

We do have a range of larger works available on request or we can custom make artworks in any size and design

You can also commission us for public murals, indoor art walls for shops, restaurants and bars or for a private living room feature at your home. For enquiries please contact our agent on:

We also do custom designs. Fancy your grandma getting a Postman makeover? – give us a shout and we are happy to see if she’s got the look 🙂