Mental Health awareness piece


This was our second collab with David LaChapelle at his studio in LA. We created the piece with our homie TrustyScribe. Check his work on:

We loved the caption Trusty wrote:

Growing up in San Francisco I would occasionally run into Robin Williams. He’d always stop and take time to ask me how I was doing, how school was going, like we had been lifelong neighbors just stopping for a catch-up. On screen he was bigger than life, a hero and an inspiration, but in these moments, in our city, he was just Robin. When he took his own life, nearly five years ago, it broke my heart. I remember hearing the news and feeling like something cracked inside me. It took my breath away. Sitting here, writing this, the memory brings back the tears anew. People often ask, “how and why, he seemed like the happiest person?” I always respond, “Sometimes the happiest person in the room, can be the saddest person in the room.” This piece means the world to me. Having a way to honor Robin Williams along with my brothers in art @thepostman_art fills me with pride, a greater sense of purpose and a belief that the things that unite us are greater than the things that divide us. Five years. Robin Williams left a great big hole in the universe the day his light went out. He was comedy. He was entertainment. He was a part of my childhood. He was San Francisco. And he will always be missed. Just like that day in Golden Gate Park where Robin walked the track at the Polo Fields with me, stop to have a chat with someone you know and ask them how things are going with them. We are all in this together. You are not alone! Love on!

Just Because I’m Smiling, Doesn’t Mean I’m Happy.