The Postman is an artist collective formed in 2018. The initial idea was to spread love by adding some fun pasteups to the streets of Brighton prior to it’s Pride Parade. 

After overwhelming feedback from this one event, The Postman embarked on a journey around the world putting up work in cities like Berlin, Barcelona, HK, London, LA, Miami, NY, Paris and many others. 

Its since been an adventure involving lots of travel, long nights out on the streets, art shows and festivals, as well as collaborations with other artists such as Dave Navarro and David LaChapelle. 

Their art can be seen as a colourful mash up of icons past and present with an urban punk twist. It aims to add a modern, stylised spin familiar imagery. 

The Collective’s mission is to bridge the gap between classic photography and street art by building partnerships with photographers to re-invent stocks of portraits. 

Whilst urban canvases are often cluttered with unwanted advertising, their interventions are aimed to brighten up the mood and get people to smile. 

‘We love it when people interact with our work on the streets and are aiming to build a community around that.’